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Laser Wall Saw Blade
Laser Floor Saw Blade
Diamond Concrete Saw Blade
Laser Prestressed saw blade
$130.00 - $170.00/Piece
10 Pieces(Min. Order)
$704.00 - $800.00/Piece
2 Pieces(Min. Order)
$583.00 - $680.00/Piece
2 Pieces(Min. Order)
$160.00 - $200.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$240.00 - $400.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$436.00 - $500.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$8.00 - $15.00/Piece
20 Pieces(Min. Order)
$15.00 - $30.00/Piece
10 Pieces(Min. Order)
$175.00 - $225.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$410.00 - $500.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$270.00 - $300.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
$200.00 - $300.00/Piece
5 Pieces(Min. Order)
Why Choose Us
Johnson Tools Manufactory Co.,Ltd are establiashed in 2000, with more than 17 years producing experience. To provide the good quality diamond tools products to all of our clients. Our advantage products is on laser welded saw blade, grinding wheels, etc. We, Johnson Tools Manufactory Co., Ltd are professional manufacturer of diamond tools which used in stone and construction industries. Such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, basalt, grit stone, concrete, reinforced concrete and asphalt, etc. We have seventeen years successful exporting experience and 100 percent of our products are exported to worldwide (UK, Australia, Brazil, HK, Turkey, Thailand, Egypt, Kenya, Nederland, Jordan, Uruguay, Sweden, Peru, Iran, South Africa, Indonesia, Argentina, Colombia, Israel, USA, Spain, Ireland, India, Italy, Ghana, etc.).

Advantage products:

1. Laser welded saw blade,

1) Laser welded Wall Saw Blade.
2) Laser Welded Floor saw blade.
3) Laser Welded Concrete Saw Blade.
4) Laser Welded Aspahlt saw blade.
5) Laser Welded Ring saw blade.
6) Laser Welded Loop saw blade.
7) Laser Welded Stone saw blade.
8) Laser Welded Tuck Point saw blade.

2. Sintered saw blade.

1) Sintered Segmented saw blade.
2) Sintered Continuous Rim saw blade.
3) Sintered Turbo saw blade.
4) Sintered Turbo Wave saw blade.
5) Sintered Tuck Point saw blade.
6) Sintered Ceramic, Tile saw blade.

3. Electroplated diamond tools.

1) Electroplated diamond circular saw blade.
2) Electroplated diamond grinding wheels.
3) Electroplated diamond file.
4) Electroplated diamond mounted points.
5) Electroplated diamond core bits.
6) Electroplated diamond sharpner.

4. Diamond Grinding Wheel.

1) Diamond Single type cup wheel.
2) Diamond Double type cup wheel.
3) Diamond Turbo cup wheel.
4) Diamond Swirl cup wheel.
5) PCD grinding wheels.
6) Diamond grinding head, diamond grinding disc, Diamond grinding block.
7) Diamond fickert abrasives and Diamond Frankfurt Abrasives.

5. Diamond Polishing pad.

1) Diamond Polishing pad(wet and dry, convex, concrete and hand).
2) Diamond drum wheels. Diamond lapping paper(resin bond and electroplated).
3) Holder of diamond polishing pad(rubber,aluminum, super soft and plastic)

6. Diamond segments.

1) For Circular Saw blade or Multi saw blade.
2) For Gangsaw blade.
3) For Diamond Grinding wheels.
4) For Diamond Core Drill Bits.

7. Vacuum Brazed Diamond Tools.

1) Vacuum brazed diamond hand profile wheel.
2) Vacuum brazed diamond router bit.
3) Vacuum brazed diamond profile wheel.
4) Vacuum brazed diamond milling bit.
5) Vacuum brazed diamond graver.
6) Vacuum brazed drill bits.
7) Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade, Vacuum brazed diamond beads, etc.

8. Diamond Core Drill Bits for stone, construction industry.

9. TCT Circular Saw Blade.

10. Saw Blade Blanks.

11. Stone Cutting Machine.

Provide our customers with satisfactory diamond cutting tools is our unremitting aim.

We pay much attention to your every email, every calling, every Fax, first time to give you answer.

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